The firm practices in the area of judgment collection and debtor defense.


Jay Adkisson is particularly well-known for his collection exploits in difficult cases, and has been the subject of articles such as “Chasing the Money” in California Lawyer Magazine, and The Great West Coast Newspaper War in the Seattle Stranger. Jay is one of only four living honorary members of the California Association of Judgment Professionals, the largest group of judgment enforcers in that state.

As a highly-regarded asset protection planner, Jay often understands “both sides of the street” in terms of either chasing debtors or defending debtors, and the strengths and weaknesses of typical collection and defense strategies as seen from the other side.

The firm does not accept consumer collections representations.

The smallest judgment that the firm will consider for collection on a contingency-fee basis is $500,000.


California Collection Law New Cases and News – – New court opinions and other news regarding California creditor-debtor law.

Enforcement of Judgments Law — Generally

Enforcement of Judgments Law — Liens

Enforcement of Judgments Law — Execution

Enforcement of Judgments Law — Levy

Enforcement of Judgments Law — Exemptions

Enforcement of Judgments Law — Wage Garnishment

Enforcement of Judgments Law — Remedies

Enforcement of Judgments Law — Non-Money Judgments

Enforcement of Judgments Law — Third-Party Claims

Enforcement of Judgments Law — Satisfaction of Judgment

Other Judgment-Related Law

California Uniform Fraudulent Transfers Act

California Community Property Law Relating To Creditor-Debtor Issues

  •  Creditors Rights Against Community Property Generally – – Discussion of California’s community property scheme generally in the creditor-debtor and judgment collection context.
  •  Transmutation Agreements – – Discussion of transmutation agreements that separate the community property between spouses, a/k/a marital settlement agreements, as it relates to judgment collection issues.
  •  Effect of Divorce and QDROs – – Discussion of the effect on a creditor’s collection rights against community property of a divorce or a qualified domestic relations order (QDRO).

California Trusts and Creditor-Debtor Issues

California Corporate Shield Issues